SPACE BETWEEN STARS is a science fiction fable which follows a group of ethereal creatures exploring a derelict space station. As they're drawn out into a vast, unsettling environment and their fate begins to crystallize, questions are raised about the nature and ambiguity of conflict. 

Created and Directed by SAMUEL W. BRADLEY at GURU STUDIO, the film came to life with an exceptional team of artists during 2017, reaching completion in early 2018. Accompanying the unique visual aesthetic is a haunting and memorable score composed by JIM GUTHRIE. The film strives to deliver an unexpected emotional experience for its audience by challenging their perspective and leaving them with questions to reflect back on after viewing.



photo by Cody Walker


SAMUEL W. BRADLEY is an artist and writer based in Toronto. He was born in the early eighties and raised in Brantford Ontario, Canada. Mostly through happenstance he attended Sheridan College, where he quickly discovered a passion for the visual arts. After graduating from Sheridan’s BA Animation program he began his career in the animation industry, where he has worked primarily as a designer and art director on many different television series over the course of ten years. Previous to creating & directing SPACE BETWEEN STARS, he was the Art Director on Justin Time GO, a Netflix original series created and produced at GURU STUDIO. Alongside his work in animation, he has a deep love for consuming & creating comics. His heart is split between his creative pursuits, travelling the world with the people dearest to him, and befriending dogs whenever and wherever possible. SPACE BETWEEN STARS is his directorial debut. You can find more of his work at



Jim Guthrie released his first cassette over 20 years ago. He helped define Toronto’s musical underground as a solo artist, as a member of Royal City, Human Highway, Islands and has shared the stage with Feist, Beck, Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens to name a few.  A resourceful and creative self-taught musician, Guthrie has released many albums and has been nominated for two Juno awards.  He's also been recognized with numerous awards for his work in film, TV and more recently - video games.  His game catalogue includes Sword & Sworcery (iOS, Steam), Soundshapes (PS4), Planet Coaster (Steam), Reigns: Her Majesty (iOS and Steam) Grift Lands (Steam) and the highly anticipated Below (Xbox One). You can find more of his work at

photo by Karolina Kuras

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Guru Studio is an award-winning entertainment company renowned for developing and producing internationally acclaimed animated film and television.

Most recently, Guru Studio was involved in the production of the Academy Award nominated animated feature The Breadwinner, based on the award-winning novel by Deborah Ellis.

Over the course of two decades, Guru has developed an elite portfolio of internationally acclaimed animated productions, including its original children's series, Justin Time, recipient of an Emmy® Award nomination, six Annie Award nominations and a Canadian Screen Award. Guru Studio is also the animation studio behind the preschool smash-hit Paw Patrol™ as well as its own flagship Netflix Original series, True and The Rainbow Kingdom which premiered in 2017.

Under the leadership of President and Executive Creative Director, Frank Falcone and EVP of Content and Strategy, Mary Bredin, Guru Studio supports and develops creative-driven projects across all mediums through financing, production and distribution.